Who We Are

Debra Karrat, founder of Yellow Bloom, specializes in marketing strategy, branding, advertising, promotion, package design and copywriting, Debra has successfully facilitated numerous new product launches, company branding initiatives and promotional programs with project management expertise.

Debra has over 23 years of extensive marketing and branding experience in both product and service industries, with a degree from Bucknell University. She has a comprehensive background in consumer product goods (CPG), with previous positions as Director of Marketing for Wella Personal Care of N.A., hair care and skincare manager for L’Oreal, USA and lead manager of the marketing department for Tumi, USA. For the past 15 years, Debra has been an independent marketing consultant working with numerous clients including The Rubino OB/GYN Group, Hat Tavern, Gabriele Fitness, Ethos Spa, Colomer, Hampton Forge, Baby Zone & Beyond, Sea of Spa and Eight O’Clock Coffee, Gel Concepts and ColorTech. Working on product lines targeting both female and male consumers has offered versatility in marketing toward multiple target audiences. She also has been involved in numerous international product lines working with clients from Israel, Germany and France.

Thorough research and competitive market analysis is a key component of Debra’s awareness of the consumer marketplace, incorporating her knowledge to help differentiate product lines and create a competitive edge for her clients.